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chris@mmadecisions.com - Monday, April 23, 2012

Judges at Saturday's UFC 145 event were called into action 8 times, a record-tying number for the UFC. Four other UFC events have also had eight fights go to the cards: Ultimate Fight Night 20, The Ultimate Fighter 12 Finale, UFC 136, and UFC 137.

However, in spite of there being 12 total fights on the card, one of which being a five-round title fight, UFC 145 was only the sixth-longest card in UFC history, when measuring total duration of all fights.

Most Decisions in a UFC Event
Event# of Decisions
UFC 145: Jones vs. Evans8
UFC 137: Penn vs. Diaz8
UFC 136: Edgar vs. Maynard III8
The Ultimate Fighter 12 Finale8
Ultimate Fight Night: Maynard vs. Diaz8


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