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Sunday, June 14, 2015

With his dissent in Eddie Alvarez' split decision win over Gilbert Melendez at UFC 188, Chris Lee has become the first judge to have dissented in 15 UFC split decisions.

Rounding out the top three are Tony Weeks and Sal D'Amato, who have 14 and 13 career split decision dissents in the UFC, respectively.

Glenn Trowbridge was also on an island at UFC 188 when he submitted a scorecard in favour of Charles Rosa. He was overruled by his fellow judges, thus giving Yair Rodriguez the decision victory. It was Trowbridge's 11th career UFC split decision dissent, tying Douglas Crosby and Cecil Peoples for 4th overall.

Considering fights in all organizations tracked by MMADecisions.com, Chris Lee is not the judge most likely to cause a split decision. That honour, belongs to Lester Griffin, who has dissented in over 11% of all of his decisions.

Most Dissents in UFC Split Decisions *
# Judge Total
Split Decision
1Chris Lee17815
2Tony Weeks17414
3Sal D'Amato23213
4Douglas Crosby18511
-Cecil Peoples16511
-Glenn Trowbridge16511
7Patricia Morse-Jarman858
8Marcos Rosales1277
-Cardo Urso787
10Lester Griffin726
-Chris Watts656
* - As of June 14th, 2015


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