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Sunday, October 04, 2015

19-year-old Sage Northcutt entered the Octagon on Saturday night having a chance to become the youngest winner of a fight in UFC history. And it took less than a minute for Northcutt to achieve that record, blitzing opponent Francisco Trevino in only 57 seconds at UFC 192.

Northcutt was 97 days younger than Vitor Belfort was when Belfort won two fights on the same night in his UFC debut back at UFC 12 in 1997.

Aside from Northcutt and Belfort, no other fighter less than 20 years old has won a UFC fight.

As impressive as Northcutt's victory was, Belfort still has the quickest victory by a teenager inside the Octagon. "The Phenom" beat Scott Ferrozzo at UFC 12 in just 43 seconds.

UFC Fights with the Youngest Winner *
# Fighter Age Event Opponent
1Sage Northcutt19 years, 220 daysUFC 12Francisco Trevino
2Vitor Belfort19 years, 317 daysUFC 12Tre Telligman
3Vitor Belfort19 years, 317 daysUFC 12Scott Ferrozzo
4Robbie Lawler20 years, 56 daysUFC 37Aaron Riley
5Nick Diaz20 years, 60 daysUFC 44Jeremy Jackson
6Vitor Belfort20 years, 64 daysUFC 13Tank Abbott
7Michael McDonald20 years, 75 daysUFN 24Edwin Figueroa
8Sergio Pettis20 years, 95 daysUFC 167Will Campuzano
9Robbie Lawler20 years, 99 daysUFC 37.5Steve Berger
10Michael McDonald20 years, 138 daysUFC 130Chris Cariaso
* - As of October 4th, 2015


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