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Sunday, January 08, 2017

When it came to submitting UFC scorecards for decisions in 2016, Derek Cleary was more prolific than all other judges. He submitted scorecards in 60 UFC fights that went the distance. It is the first time that Cleary has topped this category. It is only the second year since 2010 in which a judge other than Sal D'Amato has submitted the most UFC scorecards.

With his 60 UFC decisions, Cleary broke D'Amato's record of 53 scorecards, set in 2013. D'Amato's total of 56 in 2016 would have been enough to break his old record if not for Cleary's total.

Cleary and D'Amato tied for the most number of UFC events worked with 22. No other judge submitted full scorecards in more than 15 UFC events.

Busiest UFC Judges of 2016 *
# Judge Events** Decisions
1Derek Cleary2260
2Sal D'Amato2256
3Glenn Trowbridge1539
4Chris Lee1437
5Jeff Mullen1533
6Tony Weeks1332
7Marcos Rosales1429
8Paul Sutherland719
9Junichiro Kamijo818
10Ben Cartlidge517
* - Not including fights stopped before decision
** - Not including worked events in which a full scorecard was not submitted


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