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Sunday, August 04, 2019

It has been over five years since MMAdecisions.com has examined the causes of draws in the UFC, so let's take an updated look.

To set the table, there are relatively few draws in MMA fights because with an uneven number of rounds, if all judges score all rounds 10-9 (without point deductions), then it is impossible for the result to be a draw. Consequently, there are three primary reasons why an MMA fight would end in a draw:

  • There was at least one 10-8 round scored in the fight
  • There was at least one 10-10 round scored in the fight
  • There was a point deducted by the referee for a foul

The time frame from 2016-2017 saw the greatest frequency of draws, with 12 occurring in the UFC during that period. However, there have only been two since, and none so far in 2019.

Of the 29 fights on the list, 16 were caused by 10-8 rounds, 10 were caused by point deductions, and 4 were caused by 10-10 rounds. (Note that one fight was caused by both a 10-10 round and a 10-8 round, so it was double counted)

Causes of Modern-Era UFC Draws *
Date Event Fight Draw Type Cause
2018-11-03 UFC 230 M Frevola vs. L Vannata Majority 10-8 round
2018-09-22 UFC Fight Night 137 M Rodriguez vs. R Markos Majority 10-8 round
2017-12-30 UFC 219 M Vettori vs. O Akhmedov Majority 10-8 round
2017-12-01 TUF 26 Finale D Bennett vs. M Fabian Majority Point Deduction
2017-10-07 UFC 216 L Vannata vs. B Green Split Point Deduction
2017-10-07 UFC 216 B Dariush vs. E Dunham Majority 10-8 round
2017-03-11 UFC Fight Night 106 M Reneau vs. B Correia Majority 10-8 round
2016-11-12 UFC 205 T Woodley vs. S Thompson Majority 10-8 round
2016-09-17 UFC Fight Night 94 A Morales vs. A Perez Majority Point Deduction
2016-09-03 UFC Fight Night 93 C Colombo vs. J Danho Majority Point Deduction
2016-07-30 UFC 201 M Graves vs. B Velickovic Majority 10-8 round
2016-06-04 UFC 199 K Casey vs. E Mutapcic Split 10-8 round
2016-05-14 UFC 198 S Moraes vs. L Chagas Split 10-8 round
2016-01-30 UFC on Fox 18 D Jackson vs. L Makashvili Majority Point Deduction
2015-10-24 UFC Fight Night 76 D Till vs. N Dalby Majority 10-8 round
2015-09-27 UFC Fight Night 75 T Ishihara vs. M Hirota Split 10-10 round
2014-03-23 UFN 38 N Parke vs. L Santos Majority Point Deduction
2013-12-07 UFN 33 A Silva vs. M Hunt Majority 10-8 round
2012-06-23 UFC 147 F Arantes vs. M Vieira Split 10-8 round
2012-03-03 UFC on FX 2 D Johnson vs. I McCall Majority 10-8 & 10-10 rounds
2011-02-27 UFC 127 J Fitch vs. BJ Penn Majority 10-8 round
2011-01-01 UFC 125 F Edgar vs. G Maynard Split 10-8 round
2010-12-11 UFC 124 R Natal vs. J Bongfeldt Majority 10-8 round
2010-10-16 UFC 120 T Browne vs. C Kongo Unanimous Point Deduction
2010-01-11 UFN 20 T Tavares vs. N Lentz Majority Point Deduction
2009-11-21 UFC 106 C Uno vs. F Camões Majority Point Deduction
2007-07-07 UFC 73 R Evans vs. T Ortiz Unanimous Point Deduction
2003-06-06 UFC 43 V White vs. I Freeman Split 10-10 round
2003-02-28 UFC 41 BJ Penn vs. C Uno Split 10-10 round
* - As of August 4th, 2019


  • Caol Uno, BJ Penn, and Lando Vannata have been involved in two UFC draws.
  • Ken Shamrock fought to two time-limit draws in SEG-era UFC fights.
  • There was only 1 UFC draw between June 6, 2003 and November 20, 2009.


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