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Monday, January 13, 2020

Derek Cleary returned to the top of the list of the busiest UFC judges in 2019. He supplanted Sal D'Amato, who dropped into the second slot. Cleary and D'Amato have swapped the title of the busiest UFC judge each of the past four years.

Third busiest belonged to Chris Lee in 2019. In each year since 2011, Lee has been one of the top four active UFC judges.

Michael Bell moved up from number six to number four from the previous year, significantly increasing his total scorecard count. Bell was also one of the year's busiest non-UFC judges, travelling abroad to many Bellator events.

Returning to the list in 2019 after a one-year absence was Eric Colon, slotting in at the number 5 slot. And back after a 5-year absence is English judge Mark Collett, reentering in the number seven position.

Making his debut on the 2019 list is California-based judge Ron McCarthy. Finishing in a tie for ninth, McCarthy may be best known as the son of Bellator color commentator and former referee "Big" John McCarthy.

Dropping off the list from the previous year: Dave Hagen, Marcos Rosales, Glenn Trowbridge and Douglas Crosby.

Busiest UFC Judges of 2019 *
# Judge Events** Decisions
1Derek Cleary2063
2Sal D'Amato1958
3Chris Lee1542
4Michael Bell1038
5Eric Colon1030
6Dave Tirelli928
7Mark Collett824
8Guilherme Bravo522
9Ron McCarthy620
-Tony Weeks620
* - Not including fights stopped before decision
** - Not including worked events in which a full scorecard was not submitted


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