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Saturday, January 09, 2021

Once again, Sal D'Amato and Derek Cleary flip-flopped at the top of the list of the busiest judges, with D'Amato coming out ahead in 2020. D'Amato regained the title with 77 complete UFC scorecards, which bested Cleary's 65.

Cleary and D'Amato submitted UFC scorecards in a whopping 29 events in 2020, which obliterated the previous record of 22, which was also jointly held by those two.

Third busiest was Michael Bell, who finished with 58 UFC decisions, 20 more than he had in 2019.

Chris Lee finished 2020 with 44 UFC decisions. 2020 was the 10th consecutive year in which Lee finished in the top four.

Returning to the list in 2020 after absences were Dave Hagen and Junichiro Kamijo. Making their debuts on the list were Fight Island adjudicators David Lethaby, Clemens Werner, and Anders Ohlsson.

Dropping off the list from the previous year: Dave Tirelli, Mark Collett, Guilherme Bravo, and Tony Weeks.

Busiest UFC Judges of 2020 *
# Judge Events** Decisions
1Sal D'Amato2977
2Derek Cleary2965
3Michael Bell2658
4Chris Lee2244
5Eric Colon2143
6Dave Hagen2237
7Ron McCarthy1630
8Junichiro Kamijo1528
9David Lethaby725
-Clemens Werner825
-Anders Ohlsson725
* - Not including fights stopped before decision
** - Not including worked events in which a full scorecard was not submitted


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