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Sunday, December 29, 2013

MMADecisions.com has compiled a list of the most disputed MMA decisions of 2013. And in keeping with this site's objective approach, the following criteria were used to compile the list:

  • Only decisions in which at least 60% of the tracked media scores disagreed with the actual winner AND decisions in which at least 60% of the submitted fan scorecards disagreed with the actual winner were included.
  • A fight must have a minimum of 6 media scores.
  • A fight must have a minimum of 10 fan scorecards.
  • Draws were excluded.
  • Only fights from Bellator, Cage Warriors, World Series of Fighting and the UFC were considered.

There were eight fights in the list in which none of the tracked media scores had the actual victor winning. Most famously, none of the 16 tracked media scorers of St-Pierre/Hendricks would have had the champion retaining his belt.

Controversial fights seemed to follow Sal D'Amato around in 2013, as he was a judge in seven of the 23 fights on this list. In five of those contests, his scorecard sided with the winner of the fight. D'Amato was clearly the year's busiest judge in high-profile events; he rendered decisions in 54 UFC fights, more than double all but one judge.

Perhaps the judge that did the best job at avoiding controversy in 2013 was Chris Lee. Next to D'Amato, he rendered the most UFC decisions (30), yet didn't score any of the noted controversial fights for the winner.

To sort the entire list, media scoring totals and fan scoring totals were weighted evenly, and averaged. Using that method, the year's most disputed decision was the March fight between Diego Sanchez and Takanori Gomi. None of the 12 tracked media members had Sanchez winning and only 19 out of 192 submitted fan scorecards favoured the New Mexican.

2013's Most Disputed Decisions
Winner Agreement
Fight Media Fans Avg. Winner's Judges Other Judge
Sanchez def. Gomi0%10%5%Foley, WattsCartlidge
dos Anjos vs. Dunham0%14%7%Crosby, Hughes, Urso-
Pepey def. Vieira0%14%7%Collett, D'AmatoHughes
Davis def. Machida0%15%8%D'Amato, Watts, Winter-
Couture def. Noons13%4%8%Atwood, LambertHigdon
Boetsch def. Dollaway8%10%9%Najera, SchorleGarcia
Abedi def. Yousef0%20%10%Bergman, HughesRamsby
Bermudez def. Holloway0%22%11%Griffin, SmithWeeks
St-Pierre def. Hendricks0%25%12%D'Amato, WeeksTrowbridge
Maldonado vs. Beltran8%17%13%Bravo, D'AmatoBertrand
Carmont def. Larkin18%10%14%Bell. Cleary, Collantes-
Caceres def. Kang8%21%15%Kamijo, KeechWatts
Marshall def. Aliev17%18%17%Beltran, DenkinGriffin
Bermudez def. Grice8%27%18%Bell, BeltranVierra
Pierson def. Robertson33%14%23%Rodgers, SignorinoD'Amato
Jabouin def. Pague17%31%24%Rodgers, SignorinoJackson
Barboza def. Castillo15%34%25%Bell, VierraCleary
Magalhães vs. Ring36%18%27%Hickmont, Kleynjans, Papaioannou‎-
Cote def. Voelker18%38%28%Bertrand, D'Amato, Therien-
Assunção vs. Dillashaw23%34%29%Bertrand, PuccilloD'Amato
Eye def. Kaufman33%26%30%Najera, SchorleGarcia
Richman def. Bezerra33%27%30%Beltran, DenkinGriffin
Pyle def. Story27%36%32%Hagen, KamijoLee

Honourable mentions

Relaxing the thresholds would have added the following fights to the list:


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