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Saturday, January 03, 2015

Though he worked fewer UFC events than many judges on the list of the Busiest Judges of 2014, judge Richard Bertrand ended the year on top with 41 decisions rendered.

Bertrand turned in 41 completed scorecards, two more than Sal D'Amato. Once again, D'Amato rendered decisions in more UFC events than any other judge, but Bertrand's superior decision-per-event rate propelled him to the top of this year's list.

For the first time, a Brazilian judge appeared on the list: Marcos Aurelio Borges ranked ninth with 19 decisions rendered, due in large part to a record-setting performance in February (Bertrand, Borges Set New UFC Judging Mark at UFN 36).

Busiest UFC Judges of 2014 *
# Judge Events** Decisions
1Richard Bertrand1041
2Sal D'Amato1439
3Chris Lee1338
4Tony Weeks1031
5Derek Cleary1330
6Marcos Rosales1128
7Glenn Trowbridge1127
8Mark Collett922
9Marco Aurelio Borges519
10Junichiro Kamijo818
* - Not including fights stopped before decision
** - Not including worked events in which a full scorecard was not submitted


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