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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

In the "Road to UFC: Japan" finale on Saturday night, Mizuto Hirota and Teruto Ishihara fought to a rare split draw. In fact, it was the only the fifth split draw in UFC history and the first since Felipe Arantes and Milton Vieira duked it out at UFC 147 in 2012.

UFC draws of any kind have been hard to come by in recent months. The Hirota-Ishihara draw snapped a streak of over 18 months of draw-free fights in the Octagon.

From a scoring perspective, this draw can be attributed to a 10-10 third-round score by judge Christopher Shen, which made his total 29-29. The other two judges sided with opposite fighters, thus resulting in the split draw.

This was the first time a 10-10 round scored in a UFC fight was the sole cause of a draw since Vernon White drew Ian Freeman on June 6, 2003.

All fourteen draws in the modern-era UFC are listed below, with their primary causes.

Causes of Modern-Era UFC Draws *
Date Event Fight Draw Type Cause
Feb 28, 2003UFC 41BJ Penn vs. C. UnoSplit10-10 round
Jun 6, 2003UFC 43V. White vs. I. FreemanSplit10-10 round
Jul 7, 2007UFC 73R. Evans vs. T. OrtizUnanimousPoint Deduction
Nov 21, 2009UFC 106C. Uno vs. F. CamõesMajorityPoint Deduction
Jan 11, 2010UFN 20T. Tavares vs. N. LentzMajorityPoint Deduction
Oct 16, 2010UFC 120T. Browne vs. C. KongoUnanimousPoint Deduction
Dec 11, 2010UFC 124R. Natal vs. J. BongfeldtMajority10-8 rounds
Jan 1, 2011UFC 125F. Edgar vs. G. MaynardSplit10-8 round
Feb 27, 2011UFC 127J. Fitch vs. BJ PennMajority10-8 rounds
Mar 3, 2012UFC on FX 2D. Johnson vs. I. McCallMajority10-8 & 10-10 rounds
Jun 23, 2012UFC 147F. Arantes vs. M. VieiraSplit10-8 round
Dec 7, 2013UFN 33A. Silva vs. M. HuntMajority10-8 rounds
Mar 23, 2014UFN 38N. Parke vs. L. SantosMajorityPoint Deduction
Sep 27, 2015UFN 75T. Ishihara vs. M. HirotaSplit10-10 round
* - As of October 1, 2015


  • Caol Uno and BJ Penn have both been involved in two UFC draws.
  • Ken Shamrock fought to two time-limit draws in SEG-era UFC fights.
  • There was only 1 UFC draw between June 6, 2003 and November 20, 2009.


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